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i'm duong.

i’m a junior studying computer science at michigan state university, with a minor in game development.

in my free time, when i’m not endlessly browsing the net, i do play guitar. i am in a band!

i also used to be a first robotics kid. hello from team 6520!

Let's find you the right job thing!

I have a bunch of things. Use the filters and search to find the thing that you're looking for, whether you are a prospective recruiter or my nosy friend who is stalking my amazing development.

Yes, this is a parody of a job search site. Have fun.
Click on the tags to filter by them. Why did I have a recruiter mode button? Because they are busy people and shouldn't be forced to read a bunch of irrelevant ramblings.
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If you want to compliment my awesome personality or discuss a big job offer (wink)
This site was made with jQuery and Bootstrap, again. I contemplated about putting this on the list as a project, but I'm not that lame.